Profile of the firm

BOHREN Attorney at Law was established in the year 2001 and is the law firm of the lawyer Daniel Bohren, MLL.


That means for you: 

  • the same contact throughout your mandate
  • support provided in a personal environment
  • clear responsibility
  • high level of social competence: strong in mediation as well as uncompromising negotiation and proceeding


BOHREN Attorney at Law represents committed, responsible advice, mediation and litigation. Bohren Attorney at Law's approach is characterised by the following:

  • search for objective, realisable and creative solutions
  • clear and unbiased statement of costs and risks
  • creation of a solid basis for a decision on how to proceed
  • clear and comprehensible communication
  • concentration on the issue at stake and the goal


BOHREN Attorney at Law works in the languages German, English und Portuguese. Spanish is spoken fluently. French und Hebrew are understood as well.


In the historical heart of Zurich: You will find the law office in the Wettingerhaus (13th century) at Grossmünsterplatz 1 next to the Grossmünster church the cradle of swiss german reformation.