Activities / Fields

Bohren Attorney at Law acts in both an advisory and a litigatory capacity. Advice includes in particular mediation between conflict parties. Where Bohren Attorney at Law is commissioned by two parties to provide mediation, neither party in this conflict will be advised or represented in the event that the mediation ist not successful.

Contract Law

All types of reciprocal verbal, written and implicit agreements and agreements concluded via the Internet (online), e.g. purchase agreement, tenancy agreement, licence agreement, employment contract, loan agrement, mandate, brokerage agreement, credit agreement, leasing agreement, deed of partnership, insurance contract, package tour agreement, agreements not expressly provided for by law, e.g. schooling contract, franchise agreement, exclusive distributorship agreement etc.

Insurance Law

Conflicts with private insurers and social insurance institutions (accident insurance, old age and dependent's insurance, disability insurance, pension fund, unemployment insurance etc.) regarding contract or insurance benefits

Liability Law

Compensation and legal redress in case of tortious act e.g. accidents, product liability, liability of property owners.

Family Law

Covering rights and duties of spouses, divorce, separation, maintenance and the protection of children and adults

Intellectual / Industrial Property / Unfair Competition

Protection of intellectual property such as artistic and literary  works (copyright law ©). Industrial property rights, such as trademarks, industrial designs and company names. Registration of trademarks and designs. Unfair competition. Patent law is not one of the fields of Bohren Attorney at Law.

Criminal Law

Criminal defence and victim protection. Road Traffic Law.