General Terms and Conditions of Business and privacy statement for using BOHREN Attorney at Law's website and for the legal advice as described on the website


1. Using the website

The purpose of this website is the information about the law office BOHREN Attorney at Law. The publication of essays and external links is a voluntary non-binding service for interested persons and do not create any rights or duties.


The website's content, essays and samples has been researched and written carefully. They express the author's opinion. But it is not guaranted that they are free of mistakes and up-to-date. The use of them is alone in the responsibility of the user.


The content of linked websites is not monitored. Any responsibility and liability thereof is rejectd.


2. Data privacy statement

BOHREN Attorney at Law does not search nor collect from users of the website datas and no Cookies are implemented. BOHREN Attorney at Law neither uses online-advertising but uses for example embedded Google Map. BOHREN Attorney at Law cannot avoid that third parties, for example search engines collect data on the use. Please check de privacy statement on the website of your search engine.


3. Legal advice offered on the website


3.1 General Conditions

The client is aware that persons lacking legal training frequently describe a personal situation incorrectly, incompletely or misleading in terms of a reliable legal assessment and assume an excessively simple documentability of facts. Sometimes this can only be detected after a profound analyses of the documentation and can lead to different assessment of the case. Client therefore is requested to fully document the lawyer.


Client also is aware that the precise wording and context of contracts, rulings and correspondence is frequently of crucial significance and lawyer's personal knowledge thereof is a requirement of reliable legal information. The client is therefore requested to submit these documents together with his/her inquiry.


Client is also aware that a reliable legal assessment of a personal situation frequently requires in-depth legal clarifications which are not possible in a counselling interview. BOHREN Attorney at Law shall point to a variety of opinions and specify which of the solutions it deems most convincing based on the current knowledge.


BOHREN Attorney at Law shall determine with al due care the legally relevant personal situation, reply on this basis to the concretely submitted questions - insofar as this is possible in the chosen setting - discuss general legal issues and provide recommendations as to the further course of action.


BOHREN Attorney at Law cannot guaranty that client's information requirements can be fully satisfied in the course of a counselling interview.


3.2 Initial consultation for a lump-sum fee

During a meeting of approxametely one to two hours, the client shall be provided with an initial assessment of the legal position, information on possibilities for action and information on potential risks and opportunities. The client shall also be notified as to the necessary further clarification in order to provide a reliable assessment of the legal position, and the probable costs.


The accuracy of the assessment depends, in particular, on the complexity of the factual and legal position. Extensive documentation cannot be analized in detail.


The lump-sum fee shall be paid at the beginning of the consultation in cash.


Conversations shall not be recorded or documented. There shall be no entitlement to notification in writing of the legal information provided; however, provision of a written summary of the legal information may be agreed. This additional service shall be provided against advance payment unless an agreement is made to different effect.


3.3 Legal advice provided by telephone n° 0900 5 11 111

BOHREN Attorney at Law shall provide the client legal advice by telephone or, where such advice is not possible by telephone provide the client with recommendations as to further action. This service is provided against payment and the fee shall be paid through the telephone bill the client receives from his/her telecommunication provider.


The telephone-based legal information service is provided by the lawyer Daniel Bohren personally and does not therefore operate at all times. There shall  be no obligation on the part of BOHREN Attorney at Law to ensure the operation of the legals information service.


Legal information provided over the telephone is suitable for an initial assessment in the form of recommendations as to a further course of action, a notifications of risks and opportunities and a response to simple legal questions. In case of doubts a consultation should be arranged with the lawyer at the outset or the option of online legal consultation should be chosen. An appointment may be maid via the regular fixed-line number of BOHREN Attorney at Law.


BOHREN Attorney at Law shall endeavour to determine within the first few minutes whether the client`s information requirement can be satisfied through legal information by telephone and shall notify the client if this is not the case. For this purpose, the client should specify the concrete legal issue at the very beginning of the conversation and only subsequently describe the personal situation leading to legal issue.


Conversations shall not be recorded or documented. There shall be no entitlement to notification in writing of the legal information provided; however provision of a written summary of the legal information may be agreed. This additonal service shall be provided against advance payment unless an agreement is maid to different effect.


3.4 Online Advisory Services

Sending an online inquiry shall constitute an invitation to BOHREN Attorney at Law to submit an offer. BOHREN Attorney at Law shall not be obliged to provide such offer.


By sending an inquiry, the client acknowledges these general terms and conditions of business as forming an integral part of BOHREN Attorney at Law's offer and confirms that he/she has understood and accepted them.


The offer shall consist of notification of a lump-sum price and the envisaged, non binding processing time. The offer may contain further provisions which shall become legally binding upon payment of the fee. The offer shall be binding for a period of 3 days after its dispatch.


Through payment of the lump-sum price within a period of 3 days the advisory contract shall have been concluded. In case of later payment, the contract shall be concluded if BOHREN Attorney at Law does not submit a cancellation by email within 48 hours.


The processing time shall commence on the day following crediting of the fee. If the client does not receive the legal information prior to the time limit's expiry he/she must notify a grace period of not less than 48 hours and - in the event such period lapses to no avail - declare his/her withdrawal from the contract within 24 hours. In this case the fee shall be reimbursed without deduction beeing made. 


4. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law


Place of jurisdiction for all disputes under this contract shall be the place of business of BOHREN Attorney at Law. Swiss law shall apply with the exclusion of the international civil law.


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